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"  Welcome to BMWC1USA.COM, the web site dedicated to the BMW C1 in the United States.
In case you haven’t ever heard of the C1, it’s a revolutionary motorcycle/scooter that was years ahead of its time.  The BMW C1 was to be the first motorcycle designed with both low-emissions, and safety standards in mind. The C1 is the first motorcycle to feature dual-seatbelts, a windshield, and a roof.
Because of the design, the C1 has impact resistance on-par with that of a small car.  Unfortunately though, the C1 was never sold in the United States. 

    We here at can help you get a U.S. legal BMW C1. We can locate a BMW C1 for you or we can help you import one that you already own.  We can find you a BMW C1 have it legalized and ship it to your home. 

Please contact us if your looking for a BMW C1.